What We Do

Chicagoland ALL is a propaganda shop, a social network, and a meeting-place and spring-board for long-term projects, affinity groups, and informal networks. We are working to build an infrastructure for radical activism in Chicagoland.

Past and present actions

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Who we are

We are individualists, agorists, market anarchists, mutualists, voluntary socialists, and others on the libertarian left. We oppose statism, militarism, sexism, racism, and the prevailing state capitalism fraudulently labeled the free market. We are for peace, individual freedom, truly freed markets, solidarity, voluntary cooperation, and mutual aid. We fight for liberation in Chicagoland using education, nonviolent direct action, and cooperative counter-institutions—not petitions, symbolic protests or electoral politics. We are working to build a new society within the shell of the old.

Interested? Want to meet like-minded people? Want to get involved? Then contact our local working group.

Join us!

We are looking for members, ALLies, friends, fellow travelers and comrades. If you're interested in the Libertarian Left, but aren't sure what it's all about yet, you can read some more about it through the resources linked from this page (including articles written by local ALLies). If you support the goals of the Alliance of the Libertarian Left and are looking to meet like-minded people who are working for freedom and against privilege — to make a difference in Chicagoland through means other than ballot-boxing or begging politicians to mend their ways — to break some bread, make some flyers, drop some literature, and more — then let's get in touch. Here's how:

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Social Networking

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Contact the organizers

You can contact our local working group for information, to let us know you're interested in joining, or to pass along your own questions, comments, concerns, applause, brickbats, etc.

Tell a friend

If you know anyone who might be interested in Chicagoland ALL, be sure to tell them we're here!

Resources: Online Library of the Libertarian Left

By Chicagoland ALLies:

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